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We are asked on a daily basis if we have a wholesale inventory .csv file or excel sheet. Dealers also ask us for product images for use on their e-commerce website. The answer is YES! We work very closely with multiple wholesale distributors, wholesale manufacturers & importers here in the USA. We build websites for our clients (optional, and in addition to your membership) a huge factor in building e-commerce websites is the product data. We have hundreds of hours invested in building, editing & configuring inventory data sheets. One of the most widely used formats is .CSV

.CSV inventory files are uploaded to your e-commerce website. This allows you to load hundreds or even thousands of products to your website easily and effectively. Prior to uploading inventory files, the .CSV files must be edited. The brand name, SKU, UPC & product descriptions need to be just right. We often edit these files to include categories, sub categories and sub – sub categories. This data work takes a lot of time. If you are not familiar with .CSV files and or excel sheets, this task can be overwhelming. Trying to load products to your website one by one can take years! Make your life easier, use us.

Our inventory data team has already made this process much easier for you by editing the .CSV files & excel sheets for you! This service is available to dealers that have already joined our wholesale dropship program. For more information about our drop ship program, call (760) 994-0710  

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Many of our dealers & re-sellers list and sell products on ebay & amazon. They also use our web design services to build and load their website with many types of products. Data feeds & .csv files can give your business a real advantage. Often when new dealers start their venture, they struggle with obtaining the product inventory data. Even if you can get your hands on inventory data from one or two wholesale sources, often the data is mis-configured. We see product data sheets that need hundreds of hours of editing. Our product data team focuses on configuring product data to include the proper UPC, SKU, Part#, Description & Sub description. The bottom line? If you are serious about running your own e-commerce website, you will have to obtain the proper inventory data to be successful. No worries! contact us at customerservice@wholesalerightnow.net or call (760) 994-0710 together, we will put together a plan of action for your business. We will help to get your business lifted to the next level.

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We also have a SEO team that will help to boost your business UP on google! We write content for your website, tweet for you, edit your websites pages and posts for optimum SEO. We check your titles, descriptions & tags and adjust to optimum settings. We also use special software to optimize your websites SEO. PPC is a very popular way to increase your websites traffic ( Pay Per Click ) This can be very costly. You must have a serious budget to use PPC. We will configure your PPC campaign and run it for you if you choose to go with PPC.


Does your business need help with product inventory files? ( .CSV Files ) Do you need a e-commerce website built for you? Do you need inventory files like .CSV or excel edited for you? Do you need help with product inventory images? We do it all. We are based in Southern California. We have clients all across the USA, but we also appreciate local business. Lets discuss your business idea and put a plan of action together! 


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